Company Overview

ePUMPSĀ is a leader in providing reliability driven pump solutions to the world’s most critical and demanding industries. Our complete and comprehensive pump and seal product lines are tailored to provide long term cost-effective solutions. Our OEM factory-trained technicians have the skills and knowledge to service any pump, either in our shop or on location most anywhere in the world.

ePUMPS is a family owned and operated regional distributor of pumps, compressors and seals. We provide a comprehensive line of industry leading products and support them with the most experienced support staff in the area. Our offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Amarillo are positioned to provide immediate service and support with exceptional results.

We have a fully staffed and skilled, professional inside and outside sales team to assist you with all your application selections and parts sourcing needs. Our experienced and OEM trained shop and field service technicians are available to assist with installation, repairs or troubleshooting.