Oil-field service companies find ways to adapt to needs despite downturn

Article from The Oklahoman
by Adam Wilmoth

Tulsa-based ePUMPS also has had to customize its offerings to fit its customers’ changing needs. The company provides pumps, compressors and seals and began adapting its offerings to oil and natural gas producers about three years ago, just in time for the downturn.

“It’s been quite a ride over the past three years,” said Matt Walls, exploration and production (E&P) account manager for ePUMPS’ oil and gas division. “We’ve gotten real creative, and we’ve been able to transition well. We’re hoping the 15 years we’ve been in business together with these last three years in E & P are going to reap next year a little bit more stability as more investments come into the market.”

Trade shows are critical for a company like ePUMPS, Walls said.

“As a new company to E&P companies, we just have to get in front of certain people and show them that we’re committed to it,” he said.