Field Services

Shop repairs are not always feasible. We can service your pumps on location when required. From fending off alligators to working in snowstorms, we’ve done it.

Remote Monitoring

IPS Insight is an active-monitoring tool enabling you to track, process data and run analytics in order to detect potential performance issues or problematic conditions. When paired with an online assurance program, ePUMPS engineers are able to monitor data from the IPS Insight platform and make recommendations on how you can improve plant performance and asset reliability. […]

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System Analysis & Testing

Chronic maintenance issues can accumulate and have a significant negative impact on equipment availability, mean time between failure (MTBF), and operating costs. If left unchecked, maintenance problems such as undersized bearings, misapplied mechanical seals and systems, material incompatibility and off-design operation can erode plant profitability. ePUMPS engineers and technicians are able to work on site with […]

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Maintenance Program

Strict adherence to maintenance and repair best practices extends mean time between repair (MTBR) and helps to control operating costs. ePUMPS has the expert resources, tools and capabilities needed to keep equipment in peak condition. We’re there when we’re needed – on time and without unnecessary downtime.

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Laser Alignment

When two machines are connected together through a shaft coupling, every effort must be made to eliminate misalignment of those shafts in order to prevent potential damage or wasteful loss of energy. Lasers are highly accurate and easy to use in aligning objects. Using laser shaft alignment techniques can reduce the amount of time in the alignment process. […]

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Vibration Analysis

Your operations should be up and running with minimal disruption to reduce costs and maximize performance.  In addition to being there when you need a fast and efficient repair, our goal at ePUMPS is to prevent equipment failures and system disruptions before they occur. Our wireless systems and software allow us to detect even the smallest of changes […]

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